Aerobics Fitness Classes

Give yourself an hour of aerobics every evening after school/college/work. Benefits of aerobics are well known – it opens your body, gives you flexibility, energises your day and helps you lose weight. Long term benefits of aerobics include good rounded health and weight control.

Aerobics at Tharak Dance Academy : At Tharak Dance Academy, our Aerobics classes are taken by Instructor who are expert in Aerobics, Yoga, Diet and general fitness. They uses dumbbells, dance and floor mats and steppers to give you an overall workout aimed at losing weight, reducing the tummy/thigh and gaining stamina and agility.
Aerobics Vs Zumba

Both Aerobics and Zumba are great fitness workouts and which one is best for you depends on your body and on what you want your fitness workout to deliver for you. If you’re looking for rock solid abs, muscle training and fat loss at the same time, then go for Aerobics, whereas if you’re looking for an overall lean, fit body and no particular emphasis on muscle building, then go for Zumba. Aerobics is 5 times and week and Zumba is thrice a week, which means Aerobics will burn more fat during the week and may be a better idea for people who want to lose weight rapidly. Here is a small article that will help you decide which one is best for you – Zumba vs Aerobics.

What we’ve seen generally is that people with good body-music co-ordination, or people who can dance are able to pick up Zumba pretty easily. Aerobics can be taken up by absolutely anyone without any experience in dance.

Aerobics actually means ‘to live in air’. In 1968, an American doctor studied the important role of oxygen in keeping the human body fit. His resultant book was called ‘Aerobics’ and it lead to the creation of a new form of exercise where all elements of a healthy body – muscular strength, flexibility or cardio-vascular fitness were enhanced. Aerobics consists of some important elements which make the learner physically fit and competent. These elements include jumps and leaps, flexibility, kicks, balance, dynamic and static strength. In addition to these elements, aerobics may sometimes also involve stunts like push ups, splits, supports and balances, etc. All these elements help in improving the learner’s creativity and task execution power.

Aerobics is a form of exercise which has a great blend of rhythm, choreography and gymnastics. The art of aerobics has spread across the globe very rapidly since the time of its creation. Today aerobics is a popular form of exercise and it is being practiced in many dance institutes all over the world includin Banglore. The main aspects which help in deciding the quality of a dance institute are its approach and objective. At  Tharak Dance Academy, the main purpose of aerobics classes is to help you achieve great physical fitness while ensuring that you truly enjoy the process. Our approach is very student friendly and systematic as we truly believe in helping you enjoy and adapt to your workout regime so as to be able to get the most out of it.