Tharak Dance Academy

Bollywood dance is a difficult topic to discuss because it is hard to pin down.  Its exact definition, geographical distribution, and stylistic characteristics are amorphous.  However in spite of all of this, it is surprisingly recognisable.

The moment we utter the word “Bollywood Dance”; it takes us to the vivid world of Indian Cinema to experience the beauty of theincorporation of several dance forms of different origins. Your learning, at Tharak Dance Academy, would be an amazing experience by our trainers who are established choreographers and performers with years of experiences. Bollywood dance is not just about movement and sync but also expression.Needless to say that “Bollywood Dance” is among the most liked dance form across the world. Be it a small gathering of friends and family or big occasion such as birthday, anniversary and marriages; we cannot go without Bollywood Music and Dance.

We, at Tharak Dance Academy, always offer with an exciting and innovative environment to our students to learn and grow as “shining stars” of Bollywood Dance Industry. 

Top Bollywood Dance moves you must know by heart

Jine Ke Hai 4 Din – The Towel Dance
Pandey Jiki Belt Step
Lungi Dance – The Talaiva Style
My Name Is Lakhan, Mr. Kapoor Step
Munnika Jhandu Balm Step
Be a Thumka Queen
Nagada Nagada Nagada Baja – The Bhangra Step
Ek Pal Ka Jina Step by Hritik Roshan
ROFL – Rolling on Floor Laughing
Chal Chaiyan Chaiyan – The Rail Dance